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As concept designer, I translated kids' needs into strategic opportunities for LEGO. I also led teams to develop and test new play experiences.

2014-18 // Billund-DK //

The Creative Play Lab (CPL) is the product innovation department within LEGO. Its role is to shape the company's future through an insights-led and market-validation approach.
But it serves a second purpose: to inspire other teams and help push new ways of playing to kids all around the world.
In CPL, we worked on expansive world-building projects with narratives, characters, and product lines as well as on platforms and toolboxes for creative play.
We handled a wide spectrum of opportunities ranging from gaps in the portfolio to new technologies to new ways of engaging.
We also partnered up with other cool companies to bring ideas alive.
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I started in LEGO working on new play experiences that targeted girls from 6 to 12 years old.
As a designer I was responsible for laying the foundational insights that helped developed two big world building projects. The first one became LEGO DC Super Hero Girls, playtheme that empowered girls through action play and construction.
The other project which addressed new ways of boosting creative confidence through narrative play, became the foundation for LEGO Movie 2.
I then took on more responsibilities but kept involved in projects that explored new ways of enabling creative play and strong social connections through in-store experiences and creative toolboxes in digital and physical platforms.
My main last role was to lead small teams in an "idea incubator", which ideated, prototyped, and tested ideas on a rapid cycle. It required working and collaborating closely with business development, marketing and project managers to create custom agile design processes.
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